With a reformed agricultural sector, India’s economy is picking up speed


With reforms in agriculture and related sectors in India, “agripreneurship” has been the buzzword for Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir (JK) since the beginning of the year. According to a report, Jammu and Kashmir is among the top five states and union territories in the country in terms of generating income through agriculture. The JK administration has focused on the scientific improvement of agricultural systems and the creation of market-oriented policies to make farming profitable over the past two years. The easy credit system, subsidized quality seeds, free seminars and workshops on scientific farming and the marketing of agricultural products, and assistance in the sale of the final product are some of the ways in which the government stimulates the UT agricultural culture. “The results have been so overwhelming that young people have given up well-paying private and government jobs to join their parents on the farm. With the atmosphere stabilized, the business has been doing well and the profit trajectory is high, except for a few bad weather problems that are beyond human control,” the report said. Mushroom cultivation is the latest agricultural activity gaining momentum in the region. Under the watch of Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna, a program National Agriculture Development Fund, mushroom cultivation is gaining popularity due to the low effort and perfect climatic conditions required for its cultivation Mushroom growers are provided with 50% subsidized quality seeds, technical knowledge and training According to the report, it is low maintenance, so it is perfect for small families and housewives looking to earn a little extra money. Forest dwellers in the Jammu Shivalik region are trained in mushroom collection, processing and cultivation techniques, as well as market access knowledge. The idea is an equitable distribution of knowledge and opportunities to uplift people across all regions and social classes, giving them a chance to do better financially. India’s Ministry of Agriculture has set up youth groups that will help farmers with their marketing needs such as – packaging and labeling, building family brands, building websites, order management, obtaining the export license and submitting documents, AI, agricultural mechanization, processing, segregation of waste for other industrial uses, etc. informed of their findings and research and also help to solve their individual problems,” the report said. Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha has recently urged NABARD and the banking sector to sharply increase their lending in agriculture and related sectors in Jammu and Kashmir. While chairing a high-level meeting of JK’s Kisans Development Advisory Board and JK agriculture department officials on November 5, the LG planned a roadmap for the holistic development of this sector. . “Subsistence farming is a thing of the past. It is a sustainable commercial agro-economy that we are aiming for. The approach will be community and farmer centered, allowing maximum participation of farmers in decision-making,” said he declared. Source: ANI


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