Under Congress, India’s economy was ranked 12th, but Prime Minister Modi… : Amit Shah


India’s economy was in 11th place when Narendra Modi became Prime Minister (in 2014), but it is now the fifth largest economy in the world, surpassing England, due to the leadership of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health. Interior Amit Shah. He was addressing a rally in Ahmedabad.

“India was the 11th largest economy in the world. Congress had brought it down to 12th place. It was Atal Bihari Vajpayee who brought it down to 11th position. After Narendra Modi became Prime Minister, he took him to 5th position,” he said.

The Union Home Secretary claimed that Congress spared no effort to destroy Gujarat when in power.

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“The Congress had spared no effort to destroy Gujarat. But today Gujarat is known for its development model. No curfew has been imposed in Gujarat for the past 20 years. The riots were common under congressional rule dare to engage in communal riots,” the minister said.

He accused Congress of delaying the Sardar Sarovar dam project.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi became King Bhagirath when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat, to ensure that the waters of the Narmada River reach the arid regions of Ahmedabad and Kutch districts, Shah said.

King Bhagirath, according to mythology, brought the river Ganges to earth from the heavens with severe penance.

“The foundation stone of the Narmada project was laid by former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru when I was born (in 1964). But, previous Congress governments have done nothing since then. No work has been done on the project until 2002. The project finally picked up momentum when Narendra Modi became Chief Minister in 2002. Thanks to him, the parched regions of Ahmedabad and Kutch received the waters of Narmada,” Shah said during of a two-day visit to Gujarat.

On the first day of his visit, Amit Shah inaugurated a flyover near the village of Bhadaj, on the outskirts of Ahmedabad.

The six-lane flyover was constructed by the Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA) at a cost of Rs 73 crore to ease traffic congestion on the busy Bhadaj circle of the ring road.

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