Spanish weekly’s portrayal of Indian economy using images of snake charmers sparks controversy


New Delhi: A Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia is receiving massive criticism in India for using the snake charmer caricature to portray the growth of the Indian economy.

La Vanguardia’s front page graphics titled, La hora de la economia india (Indian economy hour) are shared by users on Twitter and LinkedIn while accusing the Spanish newspaper of being a ‘racist stereotype’ .

Calling the Spanish publication for ‘cultural caricature’, Nithin Kamath, CEO of Zerodha tweeted: ‘Pretty cool that the world takes notice, but the cultural caricature, a snake charmer to represent India, is a insult”.

BJP Lok Sabha MP for Bengaluru Central, PC Mohan, strongly criticized the Spanish weekly for the design of its cover page.

“The hour of the Indian economy” is the main subject of a Spanish weekly. While India’s strong economy is globally recognized, portraying our image as snake charmers even after decades of independence is sheer stupidity. Decolonizing the alien mindset is a complex undertaking,” Mohan tweeted.

While some users have said that it doesn’t matter what lens they use, what matters is that the growth of the Indian economy is noticed by foreign media.

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