India’s economy shows resilience and capacity for growth: Times Group Managing Director Vineet Jain

India’s economy has shown resilience and capacity to grow amid global gloom following a recession taking hold in the United States and other advanced markets, the chief executive of the Times Group, Vine and Jain.

Jain highlighted India’s rise as an economic powerhouse and a powerful influencer in global relations, evident in the country’s G20 presidency at a time of great geopolitical dynamism. “At a time when some of the largest economies are facing recession, India remains a high-growth bright spot on the global map,” Jain said at the Times Now Summit 2022.

Jain said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s message to Russian President Vladimir Putin that this was not an era of war at a meeting in September had found global resonance. “In a fractured world, he became a statesman,” Jain said. India’s economic growth is firmly rooted in the principles of well-being and inclusive growth. “The most important aspect of the rise of a New India is that it is driven not only by the mind, but also by the heart, by Friday. If proof were needed, it would come in the form of form of the Centre’s food subsidy expenditure, which is expected to exceed 3 lakh crore,” he said.

The Center recently expanded the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana, which provides the poor with an additional 5 kg of food grain per person per month. Jain said India remains a beacon of democracy as evidenced by the fact that millions of people come to vote peacefully. The challenges are part of India’s growth story. “Many would like to block our progress towards peace and stability,” Jain said. “But as the Prime Minister and Home Secretary have repeatedly demonstrated, while India does not seek conflict, it will not compromise on the safety and security of Indian citizens.” Jain expressed his gratitude to the Prime Minister for supporting the group’s efforts, recalling that he announced the first Times Now Summit in 2019. He also thanked Home Secretary Amit Shah for his unwavering encouragement over the years.


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