Indian economy: what the Indian economy will achieve in the next five years

Job creation seems to be looming large in the minds of citizens as India completes 75 years of independence.

In a nationwide survey by LocalCircles of people’s expectations of what India will achieve in the next five years, when the country turns 80, almost half of respondents (43%) felt that creating enough employment and livelihood opportunities would be the main challenge for the country. .

Only 39% of respondents, spread across 371 districts, were confident that India would be able to create enough employment and entrepreneurial opportunities during this period.

Although more than 80% of respondents believed that the country would have more weight globally, they were less optimistic about the domestic situation, with the majority not seeing India’s social stability improving over the of the next five years.

Less than a quarter of respondents saw India achieve growth and prosperity for all during this period, while 38% expect growth and prosperity for the few.

The survey received over 79,000 responses in total.




The survey received over 79,000 responses from citizens located in 371 districts of India. 64% of respondents were male while 36% of respondents were female.

41% of respondents were from Tier 1, 33% from Tier 2, and 26% from Tiers 3, 4 and rural districts.

The survey was conducted through the LocalCircles platform and all participants were validated citizens who needed to be registered with LocalCircles to participate in this survey.


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