“Indian economy ruined due to illogical decisions made by Modi’s government”


Posted: Date Posted – 9:03 PM, Sun – Nov 20, 22

Hyderabad: Since the Modi government came to power in 2014, India’s performance in any index has slipped to historic lows, raising concerns among different sections, experts have observed.

Speaking on Telangana Vikas Samithi’s ‘Indian Economy in Crisis – Causes and Effects’ here on Sunday, former MLC K Nageshwar said that due to the illogical decisions taken by the Modi government, the economy of the country was ruined. Unemployment was at an all-time high and more than 22 crore people in the country were living on daily incomes below 375 rupees, in addition to 23 crore reeling from poverty, he said.

All of these were the performance indicators of the Modi government for the past eight years. Did the country perform better in any index after the BJP government came to power, he asked, pointing out that when such issues were raised by people, they were labeled as anti -national and anti-Hindu.

“If I had not been in Telangana, a sedition case would have been brought against me,” he said, also pointing out that despite all the hype created by the BJP on demonetization, the reality on the ground was that it had only facilitated the transformation of black money from corporate giants into white money, while negatively affecting ordinary people.

Shedding light on claims by union finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman that India had become the fifth largest economy by ousting Britain, the former MLC said Britain’s per capita income was $43,000 and India’s only $2,000.

Stating that the BJP was indulging in divisive politics and triggering communal differences among people, former TSPSC Chairman Prof. Ghanta Chakrapani said that even the Constitution was painted with a religious color. Attracting MPs with huge sums and overthrowing democratically elected governments has become a regular feature of the BJP party. With the four TRS MPs not budging, the BJP had even offered Rs 100 crore to entice them but was unsuccessful in its attempts, he pointed out.

Citing the governor’s involvement in the administrative affairs of Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, he said such practices do not bode well for democracy.

Special Duty Officer in the Office of the Chief Minister, Deshapati Srinivas called on intellectuals to condemn the communal policy.

All of the curriculum experts supported Venugopal Swamy’s resolution that constitution and democracy lessons should be included in the school curriculum.


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