India Economy I The risks of a Russian-Ukrainian war


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Oil prices are expected to remain high (well above $90 a barrel of oil) for several months, once the United States imposes additional sanctions on Russia (including its ability to export oil and gas). gas) following a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russia sees a pre-emptive conquest of Ukraine as the only way to prevent Ukraine from possibly joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, thereby bringing US nuclear weapons to Russia’s borders.

Russia has seen major invasions of its territory by Napoleon in the 19th and Hitler in the 20th century – both pushed back due to the large land buffer between Europe and the heartland of Russia, which would disappear if nuclear weapons were stationed in Ukraine .

Putin cites 1990 US assurances that “not an inch of eastward expansion” of NATO would occur, assurances that have been repeatedly violated, particularly since 1999.

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