A Spanish daily uses the photo of a snake charmer to show the Indian economy; Twitter reacts | Latest India News


A Spanish newspaper, La Vanguardia, sparked an online firestorm after its front page featured a caricature of a snake charmer while reporting on the Indian economy. The article titled “Indian Economy Hour” was published along with the cartoon.

Several Indians, including Nithin Kamath, who is the CEO of Zerodha, criticized the Spanish newspaper.

Calling La Vanguardia, Kamath tweeted: “Pretty cool that the world takes notice, but the cultural caricature, a snake charmer to represent India, is an insult. I wonder what it takes to let it stop; maybe global Indian products?”

Author Rajat Sethi wrote: “‘Time for India’s economy,’ says La Vanguardia, one of Spain’s leading daily newspapers, on its cover page. As the world takes notice of India’s economic prowess, their racist caricature of the Indian snake charmer continues unabated. Meanwhile, other Twitter users have also challenged the daily.”

“It can be said that India is still a very poor country. Leaving aside the richest 10% of the population, the rest of India lives in miserable conditions. changes, there is no need to feel bad about such a cartoon. How the world perceives us, largely stems from who we really are,” one user wrote.

“How come that’s an insult? Maybe it’s our fault that they don’t see India more than that,” another user tweeted.


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